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We´re young, scrappy & hungry.   Sound familiar? 

Like most readers in the cannabis space, we´re a group of entrepreneurially minded, civically engaged folks with a vision for a sustainable future.  We believe the Ganj has the power to take us there.  Join us on this journey as we build this industry, together.  


We´re hiring!

Founder & Contributor

Gabriel Pastrana Gabriel holds an MA from the University of Chicago and a BA from Columbia College, Chicago.  He has worked with non-profit, academic & research organizations across 16 years of his career. He loves Mexico, the ganj, and believes in creating a sustainable future.  He is currently pursuing a law degree from the National Autonomous University of Mexico.


Social Media & Branding Guru

Website Designer

Sponsorship & Advertising Manager

Editor In Chief / Editor

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Marketing Assistant

Video Producer / Content Creator

If one of these positions interests you, shoot an email to  We love to collaborate. 

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